MESOESTETIC MANDELIC PEEL 50ml + 50ml Post Peel Spray



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MESOESTETIC MANDELIC PEEL 50ml + 50ml Post Peel Spray

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indications:Improving the color, brightening the skin, photoaging, smoothing the skin surface, reducing fine lines, firming and elasticizing the skin.

composition:mandelic acid 30%

directions for use:Apply an appropriate amount of peeling to degreased skin, the time of keeping the preparation on the skin is determined by a specialist (doctor / beautician). Then wash the skin with plenty of cold water and neutralize it. Follow further post-treatment recommendations (use of appropriately selected home care and strict adherence to the principles of high photoprotection).

effects of application:The skin gains a healthy color and natural glow, the surface discoloration and fine wrinkles are reduced, the pores are tightened and the surface of the epidermis smoothed, the work of the sebaceous glands is regulated.




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