Mesoestetic 108 Hyaluronic Acid gel 1x5ml

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Mesoestetic 108 Hyaluronic Acid gel 1x5ml

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Sterile ampoule of hyaluronic acid gel for transcutaneous application that promotes hydration, volume and elasticity of the skin.

Hyaluronic acid 3.5 %

Natural polysaccharide belonging to the glycosaminoglycan group. It is capable of retaining a thousand times its molecular weight in water and thus plays an important role in the structure of the skin by providing hydration, volume and elasticity. Due to its viscosity, it ensures the cohesion of connective cells and slows down the natural ageing process. It is thus an activator of the fibroblastic function, of the synthesis of collagen as well as of various skin growth factors.


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Treatment with moisturizing and anti-aging action recommended against skin aging characterized by wrinkles, sagging, loss of volume and dehydration.
















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