MM System Glicolic Acid Masque 25% AHA 75ml

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MM System Glicolic Acid Masque 25% AHA 75ml

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Glycolic Acid Masque 25% – it is a formula based on 25% glycolic acid combined with chamomile extract, primula and orchid oils and colastin hydrolyzate. Thanks to this composition, the mask does not cause irritation and an excessive burning sensation. Intended for professional and home use. Recommended for oily skin prone to acne, both youthful and a preparation supporting the photoaging treatment and epidermis discoloration. It can replace chemical peels in patients with sensitive skin.


sensitive skin, combination skin,
oily skin with acne,
irregular discoloration,
enlarged pores,
excess sebum,
skin allergy tests,

The frequency of treatments every 12-15 days, up to 6-8 treatments.


Mene&Moy System


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