MM System Glycolic Acid Masque 10% AHA 75g


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MM System Glycolic Acid Masque 10% AHA 75g

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WHITE LINE – Brightening and illuminating the skin

A mask for problematic, oily skin prone to acne breakouts. Perfect for oily skin prone to acne. The preparation contains a combination of a unique German clay with glycolic acid. It has a demineralizing effect. In a few minutes, the skin color becomes uniform and more matte. Enlarged pores close. The mask is astringent. It reduces the callous layer of the epidermis. It reduces excess sebum. Removes keratin residues and skin grease. Guarantees an immediate anti-aging and smoothing effect. The mask can be used as a preliminary peeling before skin rejuvenation treatments.

Apply a small amount of the product to thoroughly cleansed skin (it is advisable to use Face & Body Cleanser before application). Leave for 2-4 minutes until a slight stinging sensation appears (product activity indicator). The mask should be washed off with plenty of cool water.

glycolic acid 10%, kaolin, bentonite, chamomile extract, primula and orchid oil, hydrolyzed colastin.


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