MM System Yellow Peel 4g + Pre Peel 59ml

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MM System Yellow Peel 4g + Pre Peel 59ml

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It is one of the most famous and popular peels. Its advantages are high efficiency and low aggressiveness. Yellow peel can remove the epidermis at different levels, therefore it is used both to reduce discoloration, as a firming anti-wrinkle treatment and as a cleansing and brightening peel. In the first phase of peeling, glycolic and salicylic acids act. They cause exfoliation and renewal of the epidermis, brightening of the face. In the second phase, retinoic acid and vitamin C stimulate the production of collagen, elastin and glycosamines, making the skin firmer. Three other ingredients – phytic acid, kojic acid and azelaic acid – remove existing discoloration and prevent new ones from forming. The stimulating effect of Yellow Peel gives great results in treatments rejuvenating the eye area. Yellow Peel is a progressive peel, the effect of which depends on the number of layers applied. Within a few moments after the treatment, the microcirculation increases, the oxidation of the skin improves and the supply of nutrients takes place. It is a simple procedure, it brings the same benefits as more aggressive chemical peels, and its advantage is minimal inconvenience to the patient.

When to do a yellow peel:

fine wrinkles and skin laxity, photoaging, wrinkles and flabby skin around the eyes,

discoloration on the face and hands,

scars and pigmentation disorders after acne,

seborrheic skin diseases,


irritated skin immediately after epilation

inflammatory processes

connective tissue diseases

active skin infections

allergic inflammation and mechanical damage to the skin


pregnancy and breastfeeding

numerous melanocytic moles

systemic treatment with retinoids in the previous few months (4-6 months)

mental disorders

Comes with Pre Peel Cleanser dedicated to Yellow Peel peeling. Pre Peeling Cleanser 20% AHA is a cleansing gel which is a preparation for treatments, it contains 20% glycolic acid.




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