NATINUEL Bi-Phasic Peel 3×10 ml

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NATINUEL Bi-Phasic Peel 3×10 ml

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BI-PHASIC PEEL: The latest generation keratolytic peeling with a high concentration of betaine salicylate, enzyme-linked and Vit.PP. The keratolytic effect of the peel is combined with the regenerative and regulating properties of Vit.PP (NICOTINAMIDE), which has a beneficial effect on the revitalization of the epidermis, the elimination of fine wrinkles, and in the treatment of acne and skin with discolorations.

•Keratolytic effect – accelerating the exchange of epidermal cells, securing the optimal level of hydration.
•Bio-revitalizing, regulating and activating effect of vitamin PP (NICOTINAMID) at the cellular level

Active substances:

  1. BETAINE SALICILATO: The complex composed of SALICYLIC ACID and BETAINE SALICYLIC ACID has a keratolytic effect and selectively interrupts the protein chain present in corneocytes. Without affecting other proteins, the active ingredient destroys and exfoliates only keratinized cells, so it is well tolerated by the underlying cells deprived of keratin.
  2. BETAINE: An amino acid also known as thimethylglycine. It has a moisturizing and soothing effect on irritations. The small polar molecules of this ingredient undergo hydrogen bonding (AKA interacting with water), which in turn gives it the ability to retain moisture. It is able to provide excellent skin hydration without the feeling of remaining stickiness.
  3. KERATOLIN PROTEASE FROM FERMENTATION: Has a gentle enzymatic action that facilitates the removal of superficial cells of the stratum corneum. It helps the epidermis regain softness, shine and uniform color.
  4. VITAMIN PP (NICOTINAMIDE): Water-soluble vitamin, necessary for the synthesis of coenzymes necessary for normal redox reactions, such as: Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) Unicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate (NADP). NICOTINAMID is very important for the control of numerous cellular activities necessary to regulate basic activities, such as: cell proliferation and differentiation.

Other important properties of this substance are:

  • anti-inflammatory effect,
  • antibiotic and seboregulating,
  • moisturizing and revitalizing at the dermal-epidermis level
  • regulating skin discolorations.



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