NATINUEL BIO-OXY sterile energizing and revitalizing preparation 3×10 ml

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NATINUEL BIO-OXY sterile energizing and revitalizing preparation 3×10 ml

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BIO-OXY pyrogen-free solution ph 7.4

A professional preparation intended to improve energizing mechanisms and to revitalize cells.
BIO-OXY significantly activates the stimulation of cell energizing mechanisms, supporting the biogenesis (revitalization) of mitochondria, has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects at the cellular and tissue level.

The product is used in cellulite treatments for edema and lipodystrophy.
• It activates cellular metabolism by stimulating the release of calcium and the production of ATP – cellular energy
• Revitalizes the mitochondria
• Has an antioxidant effect
• Has anti-inflammatory properties
• It slows down the aging of cells, directs them to regenerate.

Active substances:
RESWERATROL: SIRT1 activator of the essential BIOLOGICAL REGULATOR. The SIRT 1 enzyme deacetylates proteins that contribute to cellular regulation in response to stress factors related to tissue and cellular aging responsible for regeneration.
ATPEPTID IS: Supports cellular metabolism. It is a substance of significant importance during skin aging and in anti-cellulite treatments. It causes an increase in intercellular ATP and is a calcium signal, a significant process securing the structural and functional integrity of the skin. Triggers filaggrin synthesis.
CHRONODYN: Activates the regenerative action of cells by stimulating the biological mechanisms necessary for proper metabolism. It works in synergy with ATPEPTYD IS.
ACETYL L-CARNITINE: Plays an important role in inhibiting the breakdown of mitochondria by increasing cellular respiration, a phenomenon inversely correlated with age. It helps to stabilize the mitochondrial membranes by increasing the energy delivered to the organelle.
GLUKONOLAKTION: It has significant antioxidant, cleansing, immunological and cytoprotective properties. It is of fundamental importance for its anti-aging abilities and mitochondrial function.
BAIKALINE (PURE): Blocks and eliminates various reactive oxygen species such as peroxide, hydrogen peroxide and hydroxyl radicals. It also supports the repair potential of oxidized DNA in the cell.




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