NATINUEL Cleanser Strong 9 – 150ml

Emulsion for daily cleansing of oily and acne skinr

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NATINUEL Cleanser Strong 9 – 150ml

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Structure: Cleansing gel without SLES.

CLEANSER 9%: Preparation without SLES, contains numerous biologically active substances for cleansing oily, mixed, impure and acne skin. It delicately removes all impurities and excess sebum, has antiseptic and cleansing properties, does not affect the hydrolipid film of the skin.

– Thoroughly cleanses the skin.
– Removes excess sebum.
– It allows to maintain the hydrolipid balance of the stratum corneum.
– Normalizes excessive dryness and keratosis.
– Removes dead skin cells from sebaceous glands.
– Antibacterial.
– Leaves a pleasant feeling of freshness and softness.

Active substances

AHAs: Reduces cellular cohesion between corneocytes, restores physiological epidermal exchange, facilitates the removal of blackheads and prevents their formation.

AZELAIN ACID: Inhibits the synthesis of keratinocyte DNA, prevents the formation of micro-blackheads, has an antibacterial effect, fights post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, regulates the secretion of sebum.

SALICYLIC ACID: Has a cleansing effect, prevents the formation of pimples.

BIODERMINE COMPLEX: It regulates both excessive dryness and too high level of hydration – characteristic for mixed skin. Normalizes and adjusts the fat metabolism of skin cells.

TREALIX: The unique synergy of trehalose with amino acids and hydrolysed vegetable proteins supports the reconstruction of NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factor).

CALENDULA + AMAMELIDE: They have soothing, cleansing and disinfecting properties.

Apply in the morning and evening on dry face, gently massage for about 1 minute and rinse with lukewarm water.

Capacity: 150 ml bottle.



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