NATINUEL Genage 50 ml

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NATINUEL Genage 50 ml

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Skin with biological aging problem.


Has anti-wrinkle effect on the biological aging of the skin,

Improves intercellular communication,

It regulates metabolic, anabolic and catabolic functions,

It protects the integrity of cell DNA,

It works on telomeres, extending the life of cells by 1/3,

Rebuilds the basal membrane (DEJ) and ECM,

Protects cells from free radicals,

It has an intense anti-wrinkle, toning and regenerating effect,

Protects collagen against glycation,

It protects elastin against enzymatic activity


Apply a small amount of cream on the cleansed face and spread. Apply 1-2 times a day.




1 review for NATINUEL Genage 50 ml

  1. Anonymous

    Naturiel è una sicurezza!!! Più lo usi meglio è.

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