Natinuel GENIAL fluid ( was: RIGENA FLUID ) 100ml

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Natinuel GENIAL fluid ( was: RIGENA FLUID ) 100ml

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Natinuel GENIAL fluid with balancing, regenerating and moisturizing properties after biostimulating treatments


Fluid with quick absorption.
Does not contain parabens.
The fragrance used does not contain allergens.

Professional product with regenerating and moisturizing properties.
Indicated for use after each peeling or biostimulating treatment.

• Regenerates the skin barrier
• Restores the effectiveness of NMF ingredients
• Optimizes the skin’s regenerative mechanisms
• Supports skin firmness and elasticity

Active substances:
PHYTOSPHINGOSINE: Stimulates the synthesis of ceramides in the stratum corneum, contributing to the repair and maintenance of the hydrolipid film of the epidermis.
SERINE: Is a component of phospholipids, important for the integrity of cell membranes; Serine is the most abundant amino acid in NMF.
ALEURITIC ACID: It is a component of phospholipids important for the integrity of cell membranes
YEAST EXTRACT: Provides immediate hydration of the superficial layers of the epidermis.
UREA: Has keratolytic properties, supports skin regeneration and restores the functions of the skin barrier.
MALTOSE, TREALOSE, GLUCOSE: Sugars of natural origin that have the ability to maintain proper skin hydration.
ALLANTOIN: Keratoplastic, softening, soothing, antioxidant.
PALMITOYL TRIPEPTIDE-38: Stimulates the synthesis of six main components of the dermal matrix and DEJ (dermal-epidermal junction). It visibly reduces wrinkles and supports multi-faceted skin rejuvenation.




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