NEOSTRATA Prosystem Foaming Peel Neutralizer 1000 ml



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NEOSTRATA Prosystem Foaming Peel Neutralizer 1000 ml

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The foaming solution of sodium bicarbonate quickly neutralizes the unbuffered acids contained in NeoStrata ProSystem glycol peels.Action:The neutralizer ensures control and safety of the treatment performed by quickly neutralizing acids.Composition:Aqua (Water), Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Sodium Bicarbonate, Glycine, Benzalkonium ChlorideUse:Use the neutralizer on the entire area where the NeoStrata ProSystem glycol peeling was performed. When used on the face, keep mouth and eyes tightly closed. A foaming effect indicates the neutralization of the glycolic acid in the sprayed area.10-15 seconds after the first neutralization, reapply the NeoStrata neostralizer. The process of neutralizing the glycolic acid is complete when the foaming of the neutralizer ceases. At the end of the treatment, you can rinse the skin with water and then apply cream from the Restore line.NOTE: With sensitive skin, slight erythema or irritation may appear.




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