OPTIVISC SINGLE 90mg/3ml (same like Biovisc Ortho, 90 mg/ 3 ml)


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OPTIVISC SINGLE 90mg/3ml (same like Biovisc Ortho, 90 mg/ 3 ml)

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OPTIVISC SINGLE 90MG/3ML 3% preparation is a sterile, viscoelastic solution of hyaluronic acid with prolonged action, used in injections into the joints in the case of pain and / or stiffness of the synovial joints.
The preparation is recommended for people suffering from: osteoarthritis, overloading, sports-related injuries and injuries, as well as for people at risk of micro-injuries. OPTIVISC SINGLE is a sterile, transparent, homogeneous, viscoelastic gel containing high molecular weight hyaluronic acid. OPTIVISC SINGLE contains 30 mg/ml hyaluronic acid in phosphate-buffered saline. OPTIVISC SINGLE contains hyaluronic acid of biofermentation origin with a purity class suitable for injections, free from animal proteins, guaranteeing a qualitative supplementation of synovial fluid. The hyaluronic acid used in OPTIVISC SINGLE has a cross-linked structure that changes its rheological properties to more viscous and reduces its solubility, so this hyaluronic acid is characterized by a prolonged duration of action and better biocompatibility.
OPTIVISC SINGLE is available in 3 ml ampoules. It is recommended to use a treatment consisting of 1 injection. It is possible to use OPTIVISC SINGLE in several joints at the same time.
Concentration: 30 mg/ml (3%) sodium hyaluronate
Production method: biofermentation
Dynamic viscosity: 500 mPa
Osmolarity: 270-400 mOsmol/kg
Molecular weight: 3.4-3.8 million Da
pH: 7.2
Composition: Sodium hyaluronate, Phosphate buffered saline
Number of injections: 1
Volume: 3ml
Crosslinking: Yes

The preparation is a medical device manufactured in accordance with ISO and GMP standards.

The pack contains a 3 ml, disposable glass syringe with a Luer-lock connector, packed in a blister. The content of the syringe is a sterile, stabilized, non-animal hyaluronic acid gel.

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