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Plinest 2ml is the flagship product of Mastelli polynucleotides, which contains the highest concentration of polynucleotides ensuring spectacular effects of non-surgical lifting, strong moisturizing and intensely antioxidant properties.
Indications Prevention of skin aging in biorevitalization treatments Loss of firmness, deterioration of tension, signs of chronaging and photoaging, moisturizing and refreshing the skin Improving the physiological function of the skin (stimulation of the metabolic and secretory activity of fibroblasts, antioxidant effect) Stretch marks, scars, alopecia, wound healing. Where can the treatment be performed? Face (forehead and glabella, eye area – also as a treatment for sagging lower eyelid, cheeks, nasolabial area, area around the mouth) Neck and cleavage Hairy scalp Indications • Gentle to intermediate aging and photoaging Delicate and dehydrated skin Complement the rejuvenation program Preparing the skin for exposure to the sun Before filling treatments in order to prolong their aesthetic effect
Composition Highly concentrated polynucleotides 40mg / 2ml
UseFirst wrinkles and furrows 35+A series of 4 treatments at 14-day intervals, alternating with IALEST. Maintenance treatments every 3 months
Stretch marks and scarsChemical peel, e.g. glycolic acid and 1 mesotherapy treatment 15 days after peeling. A series of 8-10 repetitions of peeling + mesotherapyLaxity of the skin on the abdomen, breasts, knees, thighs and arms – A series of 4 treatments at 14-day intervals. Maintenance treatments every 3 months.Preparation of the skin before plastic surgeryA series of 3 treatments at 7-day intervals. 1 treatment 7 days before the operation. 1 treatment 2 weeks after the operation




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