POLY-N Soft Plus eyes 1ml

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POLY-N Soft Plus eyes 1ml

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It is a transparent hydrogel with revitalizing properties, characterized by high rejuvenating and smoothing properties.

A sterile, single-phase, polymeric skin biostimulator based on a polynucleotide gel.


Anti-aging treatments for the face, eyes, neck and cleavage,
Skin sagging and atrophy,
Mimic and static wrinkles of the skin,
dehydration and dryness of the skin,
Stimulation for skin regeneration and renewal.


Soft+ (EYES) Polynucleotides 7.5mg /ml

Treatment series

2-3 treatments every 14 days / 1 booster treatment every 3-4 months

Treatment technique

5-point, deposit, back-line


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