Prostrolane Blanc B – 2x2ml


Prostrolane Blanc B – 2x2ml

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Prostrolane Blanc-B is a state-of-the-art peptide formulation designed for peptide therapy of the face and neck. This formulation is excellent for removing hyperpigmentation spots and skin discoloration while brightening and restoring a radiant appearance to the skin. At the same time, it brightens the skin and restores a radiant appearance. Prostrolane Blanc-B reduces the signs of photoaging and regenerates the skin, especially for those who are frequently exposed to UV rays. Fine lines and wrinkles are softened, resulting in a more natural-looking complexion. Because the peptides are released slowly, the effects of the formulation last up to two weeks after treatment. The peptides penetrate deep into the skin and thanks to the hyaluronic acid in the formulation, the skin is hydrated.


  • Face
  • Neck
  • Pigmented Areas

These 3 Features Make Prostrolane Blanc-B Unique:

  • Radiant appearance + skin brightening
  • Natural correction of facial wrinkles
  • Patented novel peptides that brighten the Skin


Recommended dosage: 1 Session per 2 Weeks
Total sessions: 2 sessions




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