Regeneris Plus set PRP


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Regeneris Plus set PRP

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RegenACR Plus – PRP setRegeneris®, also called by patients Vampire Lifting”, is a special program of skin cell biostimulation, which is based on obtaining platelet-rich plasma from own blood.Regeneris® contains cells and growth factors from the blood that stimulate the skin to regenerate, thanks to which it regains its youthful vitality. As a result, it becomes smoother, more flexible and visibly younger.Regeneris® is a 100% biocompatible product, and the revitalization of the facial skin is possible thanks to the so-called Autologous Cell Regeneration (ACR) – regeneration of skin cells thanks to the action of own growth factors and stem cells.

Regeneris® works by activating the platelets contained in the platelet-rich plasma to produce specific growth factors that:

  • support the process of angiogenesis (creation of new blood vessels),
  • activate mesenchymal stem cells,
  • stimulate fibroblasts to create new collagen.
  • Mesotherapy for the face / neck / scalp with 1 ampoule of Regeneris platelet-rich plasma.
The treatment increases skin tension and hydration, reduces wrinkles.
  • skin with signs of aging – folds,
  • wrinkles, laxity,
  • supportive after aesthetic medicine treatments,
  • such as peelings, laser treatments,
  • stretch marks and scar therapy (including acne scars) – supporting treatments that cause skin remodeling,
  • rejuvenating therapy for skin with the risk of allergies, for supporters of natural anti-aging methods (Autologous Cell Renewal), male pattern baldness (the condition is that there are still active hair follicles on the skin),
  • hair loss in women. skin in need of revitalization – tired, gray, flaccid, dry,
  • 1 item – collecting container,
  • 1 item – transfer device,
  • 1 item – Regen ATS tube,
  • 2 items – Regen BTC tube,
  • 1 item – red transfer needle,
  • 3 items – 30G injection needle,
  • 1 item – 4 mm 27G mesotherapy needle,
  • 1 item – 80 mm transfer cannula,
  • 1 item – 1 ml Luer Lock ™ syringe.
  • 1 item – Safety Lock ™ butterfly needle





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