Venome PEEL KIT – set for 50 treatments

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Venome PEEL KIT – set for 50 treatments

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The set contains 1 universal peeling from the Venome Peel range – almond peeling with 50% concentration and 5 cosmeceuticals by Venome, which complement the full treatment with Venome peelings and mesococtail.
Advantages A set that provides a comprehensive treatment procedure The products are very efficient. The packaging is sufficient for over 25 – 50 treatments. Good price Elegant packaging
Indications for Mandelic Peel Cleansing the skin Refreshment Pinching of pores Especially dedicated to sensitive skin and with rosacea Ideal as a banquet” treatment

Set contains:

– Vitamin C Serum Vitamin C 20% Superoxide dismutase

– Micellar Gel Almond Acid 1% Cistus extract NMF

– Micellar Tonic Almond Acid 3% Cistus extract Asiatic Pennywort extract NMF

– Peel Mandelic 50% Almond Acid 50% Cistus extract

– Moisturizing Cream Urea 5% NMF Hydrasalinol Vitamin E 1%

– Regenerating Cream Resveratrol ET-VC Urea 5% Hydrasalinol




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