Venome Vitamin C Serum – 30ml


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Venome Vitamin C Serum – 30ml

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Intensive vitamin serum for face skin care with a strong antioxidant effect.

Recommended for skin exposed to UV rays, with a tendency to irritation caused by exfoliation of acids in a dermatological office and acne treatment with benzoyl peroxide preparations.

It is based on a maximum concentration of 20% of the innovative and stable form of vitamin C.

The serum is enriched with the valuable enzyme superoxide dismutase, which protects cells against free radicals in the body. The plant extracts of the Asian pennywort and the creeper leaf contained in the product support soothing and eliminating irritation. The serum is inspired by the necessary regenerative treatment used against photoaging.

Active ingredients

  • Vitamin C 20%
  • Superoxide dismutase


  • Prevention of photoaging
  • Antioxidant effect of the skin
  • Protection against free radicals
  • Protective action for skin exposed to UV rays
  • Soothing effect for irritated skin e.g. after invasive procedures i.e. acids, lasers


  • Apply a small amount of the product to washed and cleansed face, massage until completely absorbed. Use as directed by a specialist.




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