Cytocare® S Line 1×3 ml

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Cytocare® S Line 1×3 ml

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Revitacare Cytocare S-Line 3 ml

Immediate illumination and smoothing of the skin

A medical preparation for global revitalization and intense hydration of the skin. Provides a natural, long-lasting effect of illumination, smoothing and tension. The only CT 50 complex on the market and putrescine with an ultra-strong antioxidant effect – protection against oxidative stress and photo-aging.

High molecular weight hyaluronic acid (quick and long-lasting hydration, smoothing and reduction of wrinkles)

Complex CT50 (micro and macroelements, amo-acids, vitamins, coenzymes and precursor of DNA synthesis – guarantee proper skin functioning, radiance, firmness and youthful glow)

Complex of antioxidants with putrescine and alpha-lipoic acid (active antioxidation and the fight against photo-aging: intensive protection of cells against premature aging and harmful external factors (UV illumination and oxidative stress), reconstruction of superficial and deep skin layers, DNA repair).





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