Revitacare StretchCare (10 x 5 ml)

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Revitacare StretchCare (10 x 5 ml)

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StretchCare from the French laboratory RevitaCare is a perfect combination of highly concentrated hyaluronic acid, vitamin B5, and the revolutionary DMAE antioxidant complex.


Thanks to perfectly selected ingredients, the StretchCare treatment shrinks loosened collagen fibers, causing an immediate lifting effect, and the skin becomes perfectly tense and strengthened. The facial features become sharper and the oval becomes expressive and perfectly sculpted. The treated skin is smoother, strengthened, even lifted. The face regains its perfect shape and clarity. Discolorations and pigmentation spots become less visible, the skin is perfectly illuminated and moisturized.


In addition to the use of StretchCare on the face, it is perfect wherever there is skin flaccidity, applied to the bust, it will lift it, make it take on a perfect shape, and stretch marks, discoloration and pigmentation spots will become less visible, the skin of the bust will be perfectly tense, moisturized, nourished and refreshed.

FACE AND BODY: With its firming and toning effect, StretchCare® improves the surface tension of the skin, especially after contouring, liposuction and sagging skin due to ageing.


The skin is better tense and strengthened. The features of the face become sharper, the oval of the face is perfectly sculpted and expressive. The skin is smoother, better tense, strengthened, “lifted”. The face regains its previous tension and elasticity. The effects of stretching are significantly mitigated, and the pigmentation is much less pronounced. Skin lightening effect.




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