Sesderma nanocare intimate moisturizing 6x5ml


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Sesderma nanocare intimate moisturizing 6x5ml

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Sesderma nanocare intimate moisturizing

Sesderma nanocare intimate moisturizing is a care with moisturizing and lubricating action for the intimate zone of women. Thus, it is especially indicated for cases of decreased vaginal secretion to help prevent and relieve the symptoms of irritation in the area.

Comfort, hydration, and freshness while respecting the pH of the intimate area.

Its formula…

With a moisturizing composition, this product is designed to help lubricate intimate areas.
Thus, it is enriched in active ingredients that will not only prevent but also relieve the symptoms of irritation, dryness, and burning associated with vaginal dryness.

To this end, the following active ingredients stand out:
Hyaluronic Acid allows you to increase hydration while providing a more youthful appearance.
Panthenol which will not only moisturize but also maintain elasticity and softness. In short, it will retain moisture and prevent the signs of aging.
Lactic acid, in turn, is ideal for soothing the area and also moisturizing.

Respects the natural pH of the intimate area.

How to use Sesderma nanocare intimate?

Suitable for all skin types, this care is designed to relieve the symptoms of vaginal discharge. Therefore, you should use it 3 times a week at night.
To use as by applying the application horizontally directly through the cannula. Dispense the care.
Repeat this process for at least 2 months for enhanced results.

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