Stylage M BiSoft 2x1ml

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Stylage M BiSoft 2x1ml

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The main challenge of Laboratoires VIVACY® at the design stage was to ensure a balance between stability and ease of maneuvering the syringe during the procedure.

To achieve this, in the new Bi-SOFT® syringe, the center of gravity has been shifted to the edge of the plunger closer to the patient’s hand, which allows for a significant increase in the stability of the syringe and excellent precision during the procedure.

Advantages of Bi-SOFT®

  • Larger oval grip plate for easier product administration
  • Reducing the feeling of injection force
  • Special characters designed to conduct an aspiration test
  • Providing a comfortable grip and stability between the surface of the syringe and gloves
  • Designed with 5 different color codes to quickly identify products

Stylage M owes its great effects mainly to its two ingredients.

The first is highly cross-linked hyaluronic acid, which also makes the effects of the preparation last for a long time.

The second ingredient is mannitol, which is found in nature

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