Retix C EYE Maska anti-aging 3x6ml


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Retix C EYE Maska anti-aging 3x6ml

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NEW Retix C EYE Nanostructured sheet mask for the skin around the eyes – 3 x 6 ml Biocellulose mask with high absorbency thanks to the nano-structured structure ensures high absorption capacity. It is able to retain a large amount of liquid – 10 times more than a classic non-woven mask and therefore is perfectly soaked. Organic cellulose fibers measure 20 nm in diameter, which allows the mask to adhere perfectly to the skin, without giving the effect of stickiness. The shape of the glasses – affects the entire treatment areaOperation of the mask: Intensively moisturizes Brightens dark circles under the eyes, stimulates micro circulation It improves the tightness of the skin around the eyes and relieves puffiness Regenerates after cosmetic and aesthetic treatmentsThe mask can be used as: The stage of professional cosmetic and aesthetic treatments performed in the office Home treatment: extension of the effects of the Retix.CEYE treatment performed in the officeActive ingredients: Yeast polysaccharide – They soothe puffiness under the eyes, improve microcirculation, thus brightening dark circles under the eyes. Witch hazel extract – Has an astringent, tightening and soothes irritation.




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