Venome Peel Mandelic Glow 40% – 5x6ml

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Venome Peel Mandelic Glow 40% – 5x6ml

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Regular use of Venome Mandelic Glow allows you to reduce the negative effects of photoaging, make the skin more elastic and restore its healthy glow.
INDICATIONS:- shallow wrinkles- discoloration and local hyperpigmentation- acne- hyperkeratosis per follicular- enlarged pores and blackheads- skin with visible unevenness- the complexion turned gray- oily and combination skin- laxity and lack of glare
USE Make a thorough face make-up removal and degrease the treated area. Withdraw the product from the package using the collection needle and syringe. Depending on the zone, take the appropriate amount of ml: face (3 ml), neck (2 ml), neckline (2 ml) or hands (2 ml). Apply the product with gloves or a brush and massage thoroughly. Leave on skin for 6 to 15 minutes. The time of leaving the product depends on the individual indications of the patient and the condition of the skin. In places where we want to increase the power of the treatment, a second layer of peeling can be applied.
6-8 minutes – sensitive skin, capillaries, prone to irritation 8-10 minutes – normal skin, visible signs of aging 10-12 minutes – skin prone to inflammatory changes, blackheads 12-15 minutes – thick, oily skin, seborrhea, discoloration and hyperpigmentation
Wash off the preparation with cool water. If the patient experiences severe burning or intense redness, rinse the treated area immediately to remove acid. In order to strengthen the treatment and additional post-treatment protection, use Skin Antidote Glow and a cream with a UV filter
SESSIONS:It is recommended to repeat the treatment every 1-4 weeks for a maximum of 4 sessions. During the treatment, it is important to use a regenerating moisturizing cream and SKIN ANTIDOTE GLOW in the evening, and a sunscreen SPF 50+ during the day to protect the skin from sunlight.




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