D-Lab Dietary Supplement Skin Calming Complex (Complexe Peau Apaisee)


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D-Lab Dietary Supplement Skin Calming Complex (Complexe Peau Apaisee)

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The Skin Calming Complex is the perfect ally for your daily skin care routine. With 8 active ingredients protected from gastric acid by an enteric capsule, this specialized formula works deep inside the body. Advantages:

It reduces inflammation, protects the skin and reduces redness
protects the skin from external factors
Accelerates regeneration, provides hydration

The most important ingredients and their use:

Roman chamomile flower extract – its active ingredients are 4 times more concentrated than dried plants, thanks to which it significantly reduces redness and soothes itching.
Turmeric has properties that stimulate the secretion of bile, gastrin, secretin and pancreatic enzymes, it also has antibacterial and antispasmodic properties. Reduces redness.
SOD, a patented master antioxidant, is 37 times more concentrated than in melon alone. It is known to prevent the formation of free radicals, reduce inflammation and soothe the skin.
Hemp oil has anti-inflammatory and calming properties
Centella Asiatica extract is 10 times more concentrated than the dried plant, effectively supports the healing and regeneration of the skin.
Zinc and copper are minerals that help protect cells from oxidative stress.
Acerola extract, thanks to the natural content of vitamin C, which is 6 times more concentrated than in the juice – awakens skin cells, protects against external aggression and participates in the formation of collagen, ensuring the natural functioning of the skin.
SOD derived from the Cantaloupeis melon is known to protect the skin from external aggressions, especially UV rays. A patented master antioxidant, it is 37 times more concentrated than pure melon.
Hemp oil, thanks to its moisturizing properties, has a reputation for healing the skin.
Thermal salts and Vichy water ingredients that contain the highest concentration of trace elements such as silicon, iron, manganese, fluorine, boron and lithium. They have a nourishing effect.

Nutrients and content per 1 capsule:

Turmeric extract 1 g
Acerol extract 570 mg, of which vitamin C 16 mg
Centella asiatica extract 500 mg
Hemp oil powder 100 mg
Chamomile Extract 100 mg
Microencapsulated melon extract
securitized in SOD 20 mg
Zinc 7.5mg
Copper 1 mg

The package provides a treatment for 28 days (1 tablet a day)

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