Ialuril Prefill SIRINGA 50ML



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Ialuril Prefill SIRINGA 50ML

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Ialuril Prefill is sodium hyaluronate and chondroitin sulfate for intravesical infusion. It is a therapy that complements the GAG ​​layer and supports the repair of the transitional epithelium.

Hyaluronic acid is used to fill the defects in the glycosaminoglycan layer of the bladder mucosa. Successfully treat resistant forms of interstitial cystitis. The available studies indicate a reduction in the frequency of toxic symptoms of brachytherapy in patients treated with radiative energy due to tumors of the reproductive organ after hyaluronic acid infusions, showing that hyaluronic acid infusions are as effective as hyperbaric oxygen therapy in the treatment of cystitis induced by radiation therapy. Patients tolerated the infusions well and reported sustained improvement in pelvic pain, pollakiuria, and haematuria.

Composition:Each pre-filled syringe contains: Sterile sodium hyaluronate solution (1.6% – 800 mg / 50 ml) Sterile sodium chondroitin sulfate solution (2% – 1 g / 50 ml)

Application of Ialurul Prefill: once a week for the first month every 2 weeks in the second month every month until symptoms resolve

Ialuril Prefill intravesical infusion is indicated to restore the glycosaminoglycan layer in the bladder urothelial tissue. Its loss can result in frequent andrecurring problems.

Ialuril Prefill intravesical infusion: indicated in the treatment of chronic inflammation of the bladder reduces the permeability of the epithelium of the transitional bladder, restoring protective GAG ​​layer safe and effective option in the treatment of patients affected by interstitial disorders cystitis (IC), painful bladder syndrome (PPS) and recurrent urinary tract infection also used to reduce the symptoms of chemical toxicity and radiation cystitis in patients treated with BCG or undergoing radiation therapy for a pelvic malignant tumor.

Ready (filled) 50 ml syringe equipped with a catheter adapter increases the accuracy and convenience of dosing and administration.




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