INNO-TDS Hyaluronidase 4 x 5 ml

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INNO-TDS Hyaluronidase 4 x 5 ml

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Hyaluronidase is an ingredient that shows very high enzymatic activity, thanks to which its action is aimed at reducing lymphatic stasis and reducing body fat. The preparation stimulates lymph circulation, which means faster excretion of the final metabolic elements (facilitates the excretion of water and toxins). The preparation reduces adipose tissue. It has a strong body shaping and anti-cellulite effect. In addition, it improves blood circulation in the skin and subcutaneous tissues, enables greater oxygenation and supply of tissue with nutrients.
Indications:- cellulite.- lymphatic stagnation.- excessive accumulation of fatty tissue.- as a complementary therapy and strengthening the effects of other treatments.
Place of application:- Hips- Knees- StomachUse:- Spot – deep intradermal and subcutaneous injections (cellulite, fat reduction or directly in the place of excessive accumulation of hyaluronic acid). 3 treatments at intervals of 30 days
Composition:Aqua, Hyaluronidase.




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