Mesoestetic Skin Balance 30ml


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Mesoestetic Skin Balance 30ml

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Intensive concentrate with a soothing effect for sensitive and irritated skin. It strengthens the skin’s defense system, the protective barrier function and the microbiota.

A soothing concentrate with high tolerance. It soothes irritations of sensitive and irritated skin, such as local redness, burning and itching. Contains antioxidant and rebalancing ingredients that support the balance of the microbiota and strengthen the skin’s natural defenses.

SOOTHING ACTION: thanks to the combination and synergy of plant active ingredients, it provides an immediate soothing effect and reduces redness.

REGENERATIVE ACTION: panthenol together with aloe and calendula extracts stimulate cell renewal processes, strengthening the skin and its barrier function.

BALANCING ACTION: the presence of the prebiotic supports the balance of the microflora, and the presence of beneficial bacteria strengthens the natural defense system of the skin.

ANTIOXIDANT ACTION: tretrapeptide-2 counteracts oxidative damage caused by numerous external factors.




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