Mesoestetic ULTIMATE W+ Whitening intensive creme 50ml (Whitening creme)


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Mesoestetic ULTIMATE W+ Whitening intensive creme 50ml (Whitening creme)

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The treatment is especially recommended for use after depigmentation treatments, e.g. cosmelan therapy in order to maintain the effects.

Cream with a depigmenting effect, developed on the basis of a special formula that allows you to even out the skin tone by gradually reducing the intensity of discoloration and thus lightening the epidermis. At the same time, it prevents the formation of fine wrinkles and expression lines.

The combination of the properties of the [meso] white complex® and peppercorns (Lepidium sativum) enables the reduction of the melanogenesis process, which produces melanin, by blocking the tyrosinase and α-MSH enzymes. In this way, the skin tone becomes more even and the skin visibly brighter and radiant.

Active substances:

Peppercorns – the whitening effect is obtained by inhibiting α-MSH – reducing the amount of melanin produced, studies have shown that the peppercorn solution has a protective effect on keratinocytes
Acorbyl glucoside – a stable form of vitamin. C. Effective brightening, antioxidant and anti-aging action




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