MM System Facial C Masque 10% Vit.C 50ml


MM System Facial C Masque 10% Vit.C 50ml

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Line with Vitamin C.
The regenerating mask contains 10% of vitamin C and auxiliary substances: vitamins E and A, phytic acid, chamomile extract and zinc oxide. It brings an immediate lifting effect. It has an antioxidant effect. Visibly smoothes the skin. Intensifies the brightness of the face. Regular use gradually firms the skin. It stimulates the metabolism. It evens out the structure of the epidermis. The face gains freshness and radiance.
It can be used in a doctor’s office, cosmetics or at home. In the post-peeling period or in the case of patients, sensitive skin that cannot tolerate chemical peels.

INDICATIONS: quick refreshment, especially of tired skin. The entire procedure of applying and operating the mask takes 30 minutes. After the treatment, the skin is brightened, smooth and taut.

apply to cleansed skin. Squeeze a generous amount onto your hand. Spread over the face and neck with wide strokes. Avoid the eye area and the hairline area. Leave for 20-30 minutes. Once the mask has hardened, remove it by lifting the dried-up sheet of the mask from the neck and working your way up to the forehead.
Properties of vitamin C.

Increases collagen synthesis
It stimulates fibroblasts
Reduces scar residue
It is a very strong antioxidant factor Z
greater resistance to allergies and inflammation
It protects against the effects of ultraviolet radiation

Active ingredients: Ascorbyl palmitic 10% (Vit. C), vitamins E and A, phytic acid, chamomile extract, zinc oxide, pH 4.3

The Mene & Moy System laboratory made a real revolution in the use of vitamin C. Most of the preparations available on the market use L-ascorbic acid, while M&M System used palmitic ascorbyl, which is tolerated by all skin types and not only removes or slows down the effects of UV rays, but also creates a coating protecting the cell membrane against free radicals.


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