Nithya face 1x5ml no box

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Nithya face 1x5ml no box

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NITHYA (face) 70 mg

Nithya contains pure new-generation type I collagen, which replenishes collagen losses related to the passage of time and stimulates cells to produce their own structural components. Under the influence of Nithya therapy, fine wrinkles are reduced and the skin is deeply moisturized and brightened. Refreshed and thicker skin gives the Patient a younger, natural look. The Nithya mesotherapy treatment allows you to get the immediate effect of extremely illuminated, smooth, firm and elastic skin after the first treatment. The product is designed to reduce wrinkles in delicate areas such as the eye area. However, quick effects are as important as long-lasting and deep action. Nithya guarantees not only results visible to the naked eye, such as reduction of wrinkles and youthful glow. Nithya stimulates the cells to re-produce collagen, slowing the aging process down. Treatments with the use of Nithya injection preparations involve the introduction of Nithya collagen to the appropriate depth of the skin by means of micro-punctures. The preparation does not require allergy tests and guarantees no side effects related to allergic reactions. It is also minimally invasive, which means that you can quickly return to your daily activities afterwards. Nithya guarantees an amazing level of cleanliness and safety, allowing you to achieve excellent results. Three applications at 2-week intervals. The application protocol can be repeated three months after the end of the previous treatment.

  • Improving skin firmness
  • Removal of fine lines, smoker’s lines
  • Atrophic and acne scars
  • Rejuvenation of difficult areas: eyes, lips, hands, neck
  • Treatment of flabby, thin skin affected by photoaging




100% type I collagen in powder form

PACKAGE CONTAINS: 3 glass vials of 100 mg, sterile, pyrogen-free, containing powder with a unique type I collagen.
Use: Dilute 70 mg of collagen powder in a vial to obtain 5 ml of suspension in sterile saline or double distilled water.
Each vial should be reconstituted immediately prior to use. The suspension is administered with fine needles [30G] deep into the dermis or at the depth of the interface between the dermis and subcutaneous tissue using the picotage technique. Each vial is for single use only.

Attention! The product is intended for use only by qualified medical personnel.





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