PBSerum Radiant Complex 3ml

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PBSerum Radiant Complex 3ml

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Action Unify the skin tone Prevention of skin inflammation Skin lightening Reducing the roughness and visibility of spots
Very easy to apply directly to the skin!Where to apply Face I sew Cleavage
Indications Matte and rough skin Skin with superficial discoloration Skin with inflammation
Use Preparation for external use 1 bottle of lyophilisate for preparation of the suspension. To dilute the drug, 0.9% physiological sodium chloride solution with a volume of 3 ml is used. Optionally, to introduce a cosmeceutical, heat emitting devices can be used, which will additionally strengthen the enzyme’s activity, e.g. electroporation, phonophoresis, diode laser.
Active ingredients of PBSerum Radiant KerA PB333 keratinase (1%) – Smart Peeling by PBSerum – this intelligent enzyme is the basis of all our face products Vitamin C (20%) Prevents and corrects pigmentation of oxidized complexes Reduces melanin production Protects cell integrity Prevents and corrects skin discoloration




Attention! The product is intended for use by qualified medical personnel only.


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