Re:Modeling 2,5ml


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Re:Modeling 2,5ml

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Point Intense Modeling Method – turn back time and enjoy healthy, firm and young skinRe: modeling PIM Method is a revolutionary method of rejuvenation, in which we act on the skin on several levels, reaching into the deep layers of the skin and subcutaneous tissue. The spectacular results of the treatment give a fantastic modeling effect, restore flexibility and tension. A thorough lifting, deep filling effect and healthy, firm skin.The treatment uses a non-cross-linked polymer hydrogel with a unique composition, which comprehensively corrects soft tissue deficits.Re: modeling PIM Method – for whom?Threatment is recommended to all those who wish to regain their youthful appearance without surgical intervention. The preparation is perfect for people whose skin has lost its natural regeneration ability, in the case of shallow and deep wrinkles and furrows. This modern method of volumetry helps to regain a beautiful face oval, eliminates saggy” skin of the cheeks, restores the outline of the lower jaw and visibly reduces the age.Point Intense Modeling Method offers numerous advantages of aesthetic medicine in the safest edition: Increasing skin tension Recovery of a high level of hydration Increasing the level of skin firmness Increasing collagen synthesis Stimulation of self-regeneration and reconstruction at the cellular level Improvement of skin densitySpectacular effects without the use of a scalpelChoose better – a visible difference to other preparationsThe preparation used in Re: modeling PIM Method stands out in the market of products used in aesthetic medicine, allowing to achieve much better results. The rich composition of the product not only removes visible – already existing – changes, but also stimulates the reconstruction of the skin, preventing the appearance of wrinkles and skin defects during the period of action of the substance.


Revolutionary compositionMany preparations used in aesthetic medicine mainly contain hyaluronic acid. In Re: modeling PIM Method, apart from organic hyaluronic acid, there are also intense tissue stimulators. It is thanks to them that the skin regains its youthful firmness, high level of hydration, healthy tension and a youthful appearance. Tissues regain the ability to self-regenerate, losses associated with the passage of years disappear. Wrinkles become shallower and the face oval is improved. HA hyaluronic acid – ultra moisturizing effect. Hyaluronic acid is a biopolymer that occurs in all living organisms. It is responsible for binding water molecules in the dermis and is the basic component of the skin’s intercellular matrix. The HA content in the skin decreases with age. As a result, the skin loses its moisture, becomes flaccid and becomes prone to wrinkles. In aesthetic medicine, HA is used in volumetry to obtain the effect of filling in furrows and wrinkles. The high content of hyaluronic acid in the Re: modeling PIM Method treatment complements the level of hydration, reaching the deepest layers of the dermis. The lines and wrinkles are smoothed and the skin regains a healthy, smooth structure. The preparation uses highly purified, safe sodium hyaluronate of non-animal origin. L-proline – better collagen synthesis. Collagen is a fibrillar protein that is the most important component of the intercellular substance of every living organism. It is responsible for the tensile strength of tissues. The process of collagen synthesis slows down over the years, causing a decrease in skin tension, elasticity and firmness. L-proline in the Re: modeling PIM Method treatment stimulates collagen synthesis, restoring the skin’s natural ability to regenerate and rebuilding the level of elasticity. The skin becomes healthy, taut, elastic and firm. Glycine – anti-wrinkle effect. Glycine is an endogenous amino acid that is found in every body. It is the basic amino acid building block of collagen. It affects the health of hair and skin and has an anti-wrinkle effect. Its level decreases over the years. As a result of glycine deficiency, the skin loses its elasticity, level of tension and elasticity. It becomes flaccid and shallower and deeper wrinkles appear on it. Glycine in Re: modeling PIM Method supports collagen stimulation, having a strong anti-wrinkle, smoothing, tightening and revitalizing effect. The skin becomes smoother, free of furrows and wrinkles, and regains a healthy level of tension and elasticity. CaHA biostimulant – intensive skin reconstruction. Calcium hydroxyapatite is a naturally occurring component of bones and teeth. It is a mineral whose key role is to build a kind of scaffolding with binding and strengthening properties. In aesthetic medicine, it is appreciated for its strong rebuilding effect. Used to fill skin folds, reduce scars, furrows, fill puppet lines, increase tissue volume. The CaHA biostimulant in Re: modeling PIM Method strengthens the reconstructive abilities within soft tissues, stimulates the reconstruction of the skin layers responsible for firmness and stimulates reconstruction at the cellular level. The skin becomes smooth, free of cavities and wrinkles, becomes firm, elastic and has natural rebuilding abilities.

In Re: modeling PIM Method, laboratory ingredients selected in the right proportions have revolutionized the field of aesthetic medicine, enabling deep, effective action and spectacular rejuvenating effects, all with complete safety, proven substances and an effective method of application.Re: modeling PIM Method non-invasive application method and capacity that allows for more!The preparation was closed by the manufacturer in sterile, disposable pre-filled syringes. The unique capacity of 2.5 ml – and not 2.00 ml as is the case with most substances of this type – each ampoule allows you to make 1 point more on each side. Thanks to this, the effectiveness of the treatment is higher and more effective.Re: modeling PIM Method is based on injection in a limited and strictly delineated area. Micro-punctures are made at precisely selected anatomical points. Thanks to this, the absorption of the preparation ensures that the substance reaches the areas where it can work effectively at the cellular level.The treatment is painless, safe and carries no risk of complications.

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