MM System Gentle Silky Cleasner 150ml


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MM System Gentle Silky Cleasner 150ml

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The delicate creamy foam has a neutral pH. It is perfect for all skin types after chemical peels. It restores the skin’s natural balance. The rich formula of the creamy foam removes surface impurities and dead cells. The preparation protects, moisturizes and cleans.

Active substances: green tea extract, chamomile extract, vitamin C, panthenol, grapevine extract, hyaluronic acid.

Cleansing preparation for delicate and sensitive skin, irritated by weather conditions and / or aggressive treatments.

Directions for use:
Squeeze a small amount on your hand and apply to damp face skin. Gently massage until you reach abundant foam. Rinse thoroughly with water, you can use a natural sponge. Use in the morning and evening.




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