NATINUEL Glicolat Medium Peel 100 ml

AHAs Complexr

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NATINUEL Glicolat Medium Peel 100 ml

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Professional peeling preparation containing a balanced combination of various AHAs. The combination of these substances is characterized by a synergy of action significantly exceeding the action of individual substances. Product use – in epidermal regeneration treatments and is an integral part of skin stimulation and regeneration. It affects the biological mechanisms regulating the epidermal cell exchange, supporting the revitalization of mitochondria and, consequently, improving the production of cellular energy (ATP).

• Restores proper proliferation and differentiation of keratinocytes.
• Balances the natural exfoliation process.
• Facilitates the restoration of normal surface homeostasis.
• Supports the revitalization of mitochondria
• Stimulates the skin (moderate intensity peeling).
• Has an antioxidant effect

Active substances:
AHAs Complex: It reduces the thickness of the stratum corneum by affecting the bonds between corneocytes, increases the internal thickness of the epidermis, stimulates cell metabolism, contributes to the reconstruction and restructuring of the skin. It facilitates the penetration and penetration of other active substances, has a positive direct and indirect effect on many biochemical processes of the skin, helps to maintain a uniform skin tone. AHAs play a key role in the Krebs cycle and increase cellular energy (ATP). They have antioxidant properties and fight damage caused by free radicals at various levels.




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