Skin Tech Atrofillin 50 ml


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Skin Tech Atrofillin 50 ml

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Subcutaneous tissue volumizing/whitening effect

Thanks to the active ingredients, the cream acts on the mitochondria of fat cells, increasing the volume of the subcutaneous layer. The skin becomes brighter and its structure more uniform. Especially recommended for patients with signs of photoaging, discoloration and loss of subcutaneous tissue volume.

reduces discoloration thanks to ingredients that inhibit the melanogenesis process
increases the volume of subcutaneous tissue thanks to the content of hexapeptide 38, which acts on the mitochondria of fat cells, stimulating them to regenerate
brightens the skin and improves its structure
moisturizes and improves skin elasticity
does not contain parabens and irritants

Active substances:

Hexapeptide 38, Kojic Dipalmitate, Aminoethylphospinic Acid, Morus Alba, leaf extract, DMAE

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